Converged Access SPG Design

Have put together a quick video on the SPG design scenarios

Case 1: Single MC branch with 15-25 APs. In this case there is a single SPG (eg: SPG1) for the MC
Case 2: Single MC with 1 or more MA having around 25-50 APs. Again use a single SPG (eg: SPG1) per MC and add all the MA’s to SPG1
Case 3: Large Branch or small campus with single MC and multiple MA’s (MC running release 3.7.x which can hold up to 100 APs). Single SPG (eg: SPG1) and all MA’s added to that SPG
Case 4: Large campus with 2 MCs (200 APs for release 3.7.x) and multiple MA’s. Use a single SPG for each MC (eg: SPG1 for MC1 and SPG2 for MC2). The SPG name is locally significant to the MC so you can use the same SPG name for both MC if you want to.
Case 5: Very large campus with RF separated buildings (like most Cisco campuses). Mostly 1 to 2 MC per building and use single SPG per MC

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